PCC hails top performers on its 17th year

Top-performing entities in the National Carabao Development Program were honored
by the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) during a program held in observance of its
17th founding anniversary last March 26 at the PCC Headquarters in the Science City
of Munoz, Nueva Ecija.

William A. Gudoy, a laboratory aide at PCC at Mariano Marcos State University
(MMSU) in Batac, Ilocos Norte was cited as PCC’s 2010 Most Outstanding Employee
“for his exemplary performance of duties and responsibilities contributory to the
overall success of the Carabao Development Program, particularly the Expanded
Artificial Insemination Program of PCC at MMSU, for his enthusiasm and commitment
to work demonstrated by his ability to exhibit professionalism in all tasks he is
assigned to do, and for his loyalty to the Agency and to the country as a model
public servant.”

Salvador A. Tobias, a member of the Simula ng Panibagong Bukas Primary Multi-
Purpose Cooperative (SIPBUPCO) in Porais, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija, was given
the Best Dairy Buffalo Farmer award in the family module category. He was
recognized for “the excellent management he has shown for his dairy herd and for
the involvement of his family in the continuing progress of his dairy farm.”
SIPBUPCO was awarded as this year’s Best Dairy Cooperative in recognition of “its
outstanding ability to productively manage the cooperative, exhibited by the
members’ cooperativism and good management practices applied to the dairy
buffaloes in their care and promotion of a dairy enterprise.”

On the other hand, Pablo S. Nazar of the Kilusang Bayan sa Pagpapaunlad ng
Talavera Cooperative in San Ricardo, Talavera, was chosen as the best dairy buffalo
farmer in the small-hold category “for being a model member of the cooperative,
promoting the benefits of establishing a buffalo-based dairy enterprise.”

Special awards were also given to the Best Dairy Cows. The winners were Cow
5UP05005 (junior category) and Cow 2LS98205 (senior category). A crossbred with
75 percent Murrah blood, the best junior cow is 4.5 years old and was born in the
institutional farm of PCC at University of the Philippines-Los Banos (UPLB). At its
peak of lactation period, the cow produced about 8.6 kilograms of milk daily within
55 days. The best senior cow, on the other hand, is a 12-year old purebred Bulgarian
buffalo, which was born in Gabas, Baybay, Leyte and is owned by Gregorio Cueco, a
small-hold dairy farmer. The buffalo has already given birth six times and has an
average calving interval of 14 months. Both dairy cows were selected based on their
exceptional dairy-type trait characteristics, mammary system and milk yield, as well
as good body conformation.

Best-performing village-based artificial insemination (AI) technicians (VBAITs)
nationwide were likewise recognized during the anniversary program. VBAITs are the
main implementers of PCC’s Expanded Artificial Insemination Project, which is being
implemented in collaboration with local government units. The VBAITs undergo
intensive hands-on training provided by PCC prior to deployment in their respective