PCC launches “Businessing the Carabao” book

The Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) will be launching another book about the carabao that highlights its significant role in boosting the Philippine economy. The book launch will be held during the agencys 18th anniversary celebration on March 25.

Titled “Businessing the Carabao”, the book is written by veteran development journalist and PCC editorial consultant Dr. Anselmo S. Roque. He also authored the book “Appreciating the Carabao” which was launched during the 17th PCC anniversary.

“Businessing the Carabao” focuses on carabao-based enterprises and its viability to generate more jobs in rural and urban areas. It likewise talks about the programs of PCC, such as the components of the carabao improvement program.

Success stories of carabao raisers and dairy farmers are also highlighted in the book.

The book complements efforts to promote the carabao not just as a source of draft power but also as an important resource for livelihood and jobs generation.

In his foreword, Dr. Libertado Cruz, PCC executive director, said “We deemed it wise to come out with this book “Businessing the Carabao” to underscore a major pathway toward the achievements of one of the more important goals of the Carabao Development Program.”

“The book, however, is not yet a complete documentation of the successes achieved by the people in carabao-based industries but rather a presentation of how a number of people have made good in enterprises involving the carabao with the hope that others can see the light and follow it for their own sake, their families and their communities” he added.