PCC researchers ‘sharpen saw’ for research proposal writing

“Rich fieldwork experiences can be meaningful sources of ideas for research. One just needs to process these first-hand data into a plausible project proposal,” said PCC Executive Director Dr. Arnel del Barrio during the Training Workshop on Writing Proposals for Funding Application held last August 6-10 at the PCC National Headquarters and Gene Pool in Muñoz Nueva Ecija.

More than 15 PCC point persons and researchers from the PCC national headquarters and regional centers participated in a series of lectures, mock writing and editing exercises, mentor-mentee consultations and discussions.

According to Dr. Caro Salces, PCC Deputy Executive Director, the said activity is a way to help the participants align their future research projects to the PCC agenda and market their research ideas for funding and support.

Participants of the said training were expected to understand operational research thrust, write a project proposal, edit manuscript for brevity and coherence, search for and manage references.

To gauge learning, seven project proposals relating to the program proposal on the “Development of Carabao Improvement Service Protocol to Enhance Reproductive Efficiencies” were presented by the group.  This particular research program aims to address the need to increase carabao population.

The PCC Operations and the Research and Development Division (RDD) groups, headed respectively by Dr. Salces and Dr. Annabelle Sarabia, organized the said training workshop.

The resource persons were seasoned PCC researchers namely Dr. Claro Mingala, Dr. Danilda Hufana-Duran, Dr. Eufrocina P. Atabay,   Dr. Peregrino G. Duran, Dr. Ester B. Flores, and  Dr. Eric P. Palacpac.