Philippines to host 9th ARBS conference

Deliberate efforts on livestock biotechnology development are continuously being done in the Philippines and are constantly translated into promising results.

Because of this, the executive committee of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society (ARBS) chose the Philippines, through the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), as the host for the 9th ARBS conference on October 23-28. The event will be a joint activity between ARBS and the Philippine Society of Animal Science (PSAS) which will be holding its 49th Annual Convention.

The ARBS, established in 2004, functions in promoting the educational and scientific interests of reproductive biotechnology research community throughout Asia.

With the emerging issues on food and health, the organizers adopted the theme: “Frontiers in Biotechnology for Food, Health, and Biodiversity” mainly to underscore the great promises that biotechnology offers in terms of addressing food and health issues as well as highlighting the various efforts and innovations that are continuously being undertaken in the country.

This joint conference is also aimed at providing a venue among scholars, scientists, extension practitioners, and policy makers from Asian countries in stimulating interaction and wide-range sharing on how to harness biotechnologies in addressing the issues on food, health, and biodiversity. More importantly, it aims to underline the recent advancements in the different areas of reproductive biotechnologies both in animals and humans, technological developments in increasing the productivity and profitability of livestock, and open opportunity for collaborative research and business opportunities among scientists, students, and practitioners across the Asian Region.