Research information outputs must be really needed by stakeholders, LRD-PCAARRD head emphasizes

More deliberate steps in collecting and processing information for research projects are needed in order to come up with usable outputs for the dairy industry.

This was stressed by Dr. Synan Baguio, Supervising Science Research Specialist of the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development-Livestock Research Division (DOST-PCAARRD-LRD), during the recent evaluation of a continuing PCAARRD-funded program.

The program is titled “Enhancing Milk Production of Water Buffaloes through S &T interventions” with Dr. Arnel N. del Barrio, Philippine Carabao Center(PCC) Executive Director, as program leader.

“If we translate the information we generate from our researches into farm practices, it will be easier to teach, lead, and convince the farmers to use our technologies,” Dr. Baguio emphasized.

He added that research outputs should not only be understandable but the information therein must be really needed by the stakeholders.

Baguio further urged the PCC scientists and researchers to present their studies in a more “laymanized” manner during [dairy] industry meetings to encourage stakeholders, such as the private entities, to give their guidance on how these information should be packaged to make it usable to them and to the industry.

Five projects under the program were evaluated. They were the “Development of Feeding Protocols and Practices to Support the Nutritional Requirements of Dairy Buffaloes”, “Development of Reproductive Management Program for Increased Efficiency of AI in Dairy Buffaloes”, “Development of Health Care Technologies and Practical Farm Practices in Support of Increasing Buffalo Milk Production”, “Milk Quality and Safety Assurance from Farm to Milk Processing Plant”, and “Strengthening the San Agustin Crossbred Carabao-based Enterprise Development Model”. 

A professor of the University of the Philippines at  Los Baños, Dr. Jose Arceo Bautista,  added during the evaluation of the program that researchers and scientists should not forget to come up with practical packages of animal health technologies that will enhance the optimal production of milk.

Dr. Baguio and Dr. Bautista served as evaluators during the activity. In addition to their suggestions, they also recommended ways for each project to come up with better results.

Aside from Dr. del Barrio, the project leaders of the program were present during the evaluation activity. They included Dr. Daniel Aquino, center director of PCC at Central State University; Dr. Edwin Atabay, PCC Scientist I, Dr. Claro Mingala, PCC Scientist II; Ms. Mina Abella, PCC Supervising Science Research Specialist; and Dr. Anabelle Sarabia, PCC Research for Development Division Chief.

The researchers involved in the program also attended the activity.

Started on February 1, 2016, all the projects under the program are expected to be completed on January 31, 2019.