Scientists, key industry players in buffalo development gatherfor the 10th WBC and 7th ABC in Thailand

All for the cause of water buffalo development, livestock scientists and other stakeholders in the buffalo industry across the world have gathered to discuss and exchange scientific knowledge on improving the buffalo for a myriad of economic and social benefits.

With over 500 participants from 35 cooperating countries from across the globe, the 10th World Buffalo Congress (WBC) and 7th Asian Buffalo Congress (ABC) are jointly held in Phuket, Thailand from May 6 to 8.

WBC is an international collaboration in water buffalo development which started in 1985 in Cairo, Egypt. It has since been conducted every three years by the International Buffalo Federation (IBF) and alternately hosted by its member-countries.

With the theme “Green Production Against Global Warming,” the joint congress highlights various presentations on technology and scientific findings in different areas relevant to buffalo development. Among these areas are on reproduction, genetics/breeding, meat and dairy science, and sustainable production of buffaloes.

As the country’s lead agency in promoting carabao industry development thru livestock biotechnology research and development, PCC is a key player in the World Buffalo Congress, with its Executive Director, Dr. Libertado C. Cruz being the president of IBF in 2003. In 2004, PCC hosted the 7th WBC held in Manila.

PCC co-sponsors this year’s congress thru the dissemination of the scientific outputs of the congress. Fourteen delegates from the agency will present papers and posters of different areas of research on buffalo development.

Headed by Dr. Cruz, the delegation included Dr. Claro N. Mingala and Dr. Lawrence P. Belotindos from the Animal Health Unit; Dr. Daniel L. Aquino, Unit Head of the Animal Nutrition Unit; Dr. Edwin C. Atabay, Director of PCC at CLSU; Flocerfida P. Aquino, Dr. Prudencio B. Pedro, Dr. Lerma C. Ocampo, and Dr. Eufrocina P. Atabay of the Reproductive Biotech Unit; Dr. Eric P. Palacpac, National Research and Development Coordinator; Sonia D. Pol, Wilma T. Del Rosario, and Estella M. Paoay of the National Impact Zone Coordinating Unit; and Dr. Caro B. Sales, Director of PCC at Ubay Stock Farm.

It is expected that the outputs of their presentations will provide more alternative technologies and sound management and production systems for dairy buffalo raisers in the country.