Strong ties pave the way for successful CDP implementation in Visayas

The DA-PCC underscored the importance of unity in achieving transformative success, particularly in championing the Carabao Development Program (CDP) during the agency’s Visayas island cluster anniversary celebration today, March 12.

The celebration, themed “Excellence in Unity,” was hosted by the DA-PCC at Visayas State University (DA-PCC at VSU), along with other regional centers in Visayas, including DA-PCC at Ubay Stock Farm (DA-PCC at USF), DA-PCC at West Visayas State University (DA-PCC at WVSU), and DA-PCC at La Carlota Stock Farm (DA-PCC at LCSF).

Dr. Daniel Leslie S. Tan, OIC President of VSU, expressed his support, emphasizing the growing demand for carabaos as a valuable commodity. He highlighted how this enables dairy cooperatives to thrive with greater independence and success in their carabao-based ventures.

“Today, we celebrate DA-PCC’s 31 years of service. Our shared goals to conserve, propagate, and promote the carabao as a source of milk, meat, draft power, and hide to benefit rural farmers unite us, making us champions in excellence beyond measure. Because of our combined efforts, our 31-year journey—characterized by resilience, persistence, and unwavering efforts—shines brighter,” Tan said.

Board Member Matt P. Palabrica from the 3rd District of Iloilo Province, serving as the keynote speaker, highlighted the partnership between the Province of Iloilo and DA-PCC at WVSU in advancing the carabao industry. He endorsed three resolutions aligned with the province’s objectives.

“Our goal of food security, employment opportunities, and sustainable management of resources is attainable through harmonious collaborations with agencies like DA-Philippine Carabao Center…Together, you have championed excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in all your endeavors, thereby enriching the lives of farmers, stakeholders, and communities not only in Leyte and the Visayas but also across the nation,” Palabrica said in his address.

Dr. Liza Battad, Executive Director of DA-PCC, outlined the significant progress made in the Visayas island towards the CDP.

“Today, we dedicate our 31st anniversary to all who allowed us to grow, build strong alliances, gain trust in the national and international spheres, and most importantly, affirm with us our formidable efforts in giving birth to a vibrant carabao supply chain economy,” she said. DA-PCC’s partners in program implementation were also acknowledged during the program.
A ceremonial turnover of dairy buffaloes to the AGRACA Agrarian Reform Cooperative in Dumalag Capiz, Pinoy Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Southern Leyte, and Lico Agrarian Reform Cooperative in Biliran province was conducted, with a total of 170 carabaos entrusted to the three cooperatives.

Furthermore, a symbolic act of unity took place as leaders and staunch supporters of DA-PCC poured milk into a bottle, symbolizing their dedication to collaborative efforts and resource-sharing for present and future initiatives.

The event also featured an exhibition of carabao-based products, showcasing the dairy delicacies from co-ops assisted by DA-PCC in the Visayas island.