Brief Description
The agency provides technical assistance, free of charge, to its farmer-clientele in the areas of animal reproduction, animal nutrition, animal health, forage production and improved feeding system, cooperative development, and dairy production and processing. Experts on these areas are regularly sent to the villages to respond to the farmers’ specific needs.


Service Standard
Farmers, private individuals or organizations who need technical assistance from the PCC may visit any of its regional centers and they will be attended to by the agency’s technical staff. The length of discussion varies depending on the subject matter and availability of technical staff. If the service requires an on-site assessment or field visit, a schedule is agreed upon by both parties. Again, the duration of the technical service varies depending on the situation on-site.



1. Receive request for technical assistance Letter of Request for walk-in inquiries NIZ/Training Officer As it comes
2. Interview Requesting Party (for walk-in) PCC Technical Staff
KMD Training
15-30 minutes
3. Analyze Situation PCC Technical Staff 15-30 minutes
4. Recommend
or implement
immediate action
Formal (written or verbal)
On-site visit
PCC Technical Staff Within one day for written recommendation

Variable time for verbal
communication and on-site visits recommendation.